Lineman Gutstrap

The Lineman Gut Belt is our standard belt with four hooks that holds up your lineman belt.

KoolBak belts greatly relieve back pain without slipping or rolling. The belts are made from a patented design consisting of multiple layers of breathable, coated, reinforced mesh with compression technology. They are strong, cool, washable, durable, and comfortable.

KookBak belts increase muscle activation–as measured by electromyography (EMG)–while standing and bending. This improves muscle tone and reduces fatigue.

KoolBak is the ONLY belt hand crafted in the USA with a LIFETIME Warranty and it is GUARANTEED not to cause muscle atrophy.

A proper fitting belt is extremely important for your satisfaction. Please refer to the sizing instructions on the right to get the proper fit for you.



Each Lineman Gut Belt is $54.95 plus shipping.


The KoolBak Lineman Back Support Belt is THE approved “gutstrap” belt of PGE; custom designed over 10 years ago with the manager of the Poleyard for their new hires.